Pneumatic combined bench - Electropneumatic double-sided

the components are mounted on individual modules of different dimensions depending on the dimensions of the pneumatic and electropneumatic components which are mounted on the frame.
The operation of the bench elements are very secure.
Robust fastening, effective component identification and easy access from one side of the bench to the other provides ample support for learning and performing electropneumatic labs.
All components are equipped with quick pneumatic fittings for connection between them and the electrical connections and made by 2mm or 4mm safety sockets.
The ability to fix, remove and position the module as you wish gives the possibility to create many circuits.



Basic hydraulic circuit benches with Electro-hydraulic double sided

This bench is used for the initial and continuous training of technicians on basic industrial hydraulics and basic and advanced electrohydraulics.
Each bench is equipped with a mounting panel elements on adjustable castors with drawers for storing components, for both sides, the components delivered are industrial type.
All hydraulic connections are equipped with a quick coupling coupling, without leakage of oil and sealed, more precisely of standard manufacturing connections (Ø 6 mm).
Power supply 230/400 50Hz three-phase.