Manual Winding machine

Transformers and Motors - Hand Winding Machines Winding machines for electric motor skein and rotor windings.


Manual Winding machine

Transformers and Motors - Hand Winding Machines Winding machines for electric motor skein and rotor windings


Manual Winding machine

Winding Machines Layer winding machine to produce medium/low voltage transformers, coils, electromagnets and layer windings.


Manual Winding machine

The MWM-D is a simple and compact benchtop hand winding machine, provided with with a mechanical turns counter. One turn of the handle produces five turns at the winding spindle by means of a robust and reliable chain drive system. It is suitable for making prototype transformers, small volume coils and other experimental wound products, particularly in laboratory, research and development and educational establishments. The sturdy baseplate in solid steel and four non-slip rubber feet provide a stable platform for the winding machine with no need to fix it to the workbench.


Winding machine

The 5.MWM-D500M Winding machine is designed for electric motor coil.

5.MWM-Exx series

Motor Winding machine

High Series digital coil winding machine is digital programmable coil winding machine with brushless DC motor. The maximum wire size can reach 3.0mm. It's the best choice for secondary winding. Microprocessor design, easy for program-setting. Stepper motor driven by constant-current power supply,, high spreading speed precise winding. "Start Point" could set by key panel or with teachable function. Display will show the position of spreading head while setting. Wire passing through ceramic rollers prevent enamel from high temperature. Multiple spindles winding synchronal for highest efficiency. Foot-switch connection for better efficiency. Speed control foot pedal as option of machine. Winding parameters and options can be set


Manual coil extraction set

Consisting of a sturdy frame with stator clamping devices. Extraction via a hand lever with pivot. For the clean extraction of stator windings with minimal damage to the laminations. Supplied with one set of extraction tongs.


Stator Cut off Machine

Quick and effortless removal of the heads of stator coils. Stator clamped internally and centrally. 2-speed motor. Manual height adjustment. Supplied with one adaptor for discs with 6 mm bore. Stator bore 50-280 mm. Comprising special self-centering stator clamp which is rotated as the stator head is cut. Hand crank adjustment for cut-off motor height. Stator height up to 350 mm. Excellent method to cut-off the end windings of stators prior to extraction.


Hydraulic Puller

Hydraulic puller for electric motors adjustable for electromechanics uses. Built with a rigid structure of welded steel, it is equipped with a revolving vice complete with brackets for fixing of the electric motors and has an hydraulic system for the extraction of wire coils.


Hand shear

High-thickness special steel body. Steel alloy knives, hardened and sharpened. For cutting sheet metal, flat iron and round up to R. Kg/MMQ 45. Complete with lever and safety device that prevents accidental fall. With lever.


Wiring Conduit Cutter

- Hand lever
- Length stop
- Measurement scale
- Stainless steel support plate
- Burr-free cutting, 90 degree angle cutting, Less effort
- Standard plastic profile with 2.5mm wall thickness and up to 125mm width
- Blade easily replaceable
- Maintenance free
- Length of rail guide: 1000mm
- Length of hand lever: 500mm


Insulation guillotine

The 5.IGL-SERIES Guillotine is one of a range of cutters we offer for insulation material. Guillotine with paper clamp, metric scale and the blade is of hardened and ground steel.


Insulation guillotine

The machine is made from cast iron and steel, with metric scale and the strip cutting device it's adjustable.


Insulation creaser

This is a handy tool for making two creases in slot liners or closures. This robust device, made with heavy-duty cast iron base is ideal for electric motor repair workshops of all sizes. Two creasing rolls can be adjusted easily using the calibrated scale provided. The depth of crease is adjustable by thumbnuts, which press onto the floating creasing shaft. Two guides are provided so that the creasing can be centralised in relation to the material width.


Bearing heater

This new model represents exceptional value. It is light and compact and offer these advantages at a budget price.


Stator holder for coil insertion

For motors up to 4kW of max. power. Very useful for coil insertion into the electric motor's slot.


Impregnation Bench

By this equipment it is possible to paint electric motors (and other particulars) in a e simply and clean way. A heavy structure and a roomy bearing base permit the impregnation of various measures contemporaneously. This bench is equipped with paint salvage tank with fast joint for air compressed connection 4 bar and spray gun for liquid.


Wire stripper

- The Wire stripper consists of a motor unit and a stripping head
- The stripping head is equipped with 3 hard metal blades
- The blades are closed by rotation
- The speed is regulated via transformer and thus the pressing force of the blades is adjusted to each material thickness
- Insert wire between blades when stationary
- Wire Stripper for removing enameled insulation from round copper or glass wires from 0.2 - 4mm
- Centrifugal rotating cutters
- Uses transformer from mains voltage


Insulation and wire pressing tool

Insulation and Wire Pressing Tool for the compression of wire in stator slots so that slot closures can be inserted more easily. Interchangeable inserts with tongue widths 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mmare available.


Wedge inserting tool

Wedge Inserting Tool in two sizes.


Set files

Parallel slot files with four cutting sides. Made in six sizes for cleaning stator and rotor slots.


Set Taping needles

Taping Needles made from galvanised steel wire and strip. Make taping easy. Sold in packets of ten. Round wire: 0.5, 0.7 and 1.00mm diameter Strip: assorted lengths 3mm wide


Set Wire inserters

Wire Inserters made from top quality silver steel with plastic handles. For cleanly inserting wires into stator slots and pushing them down to allow for insertion of slot closures.


Slot scrapers

A useful tool to scrape burnt insulation off the slot surfaces. They are made in six different sizes from hardened and tempered steel with chisel-shaped end. Length: 290, 320, 355, 415, 500 and 580mm Weight: set of 6 - 700gr


Slot cleaning torches

Sold as a pair: one torch for heating the slot with oxygen and acetylene and the pistol for blowing the slot clear with oxygen. Much more effective than compressed air as it does not cool the slot but boosts the temperature. Torch 400 x 40 mm Weight: 400 gr Torch 350 x 170 mm Weight: 200 gr


Cable cutter

PROFESSIONAL model in special forged steel. Suitable for cutting copper and aluminium cables and multiple insulating wire. Its special blade shape makes cutting extremely easy. Dual-component handles for comfortable and safe gripping Length: 160 mm Weight: 180 gr


Winders pliers

Precision made pointed-nose pliers with a double bend. Ideal for reaching into stator slots to pull insulation pieces and slot closures through. Length: 220 mm Weight: 200 gr


Coil tying tool

Speed up the laborious job of tying stator coils with this tool. It comprises a handle with locking screw to hold four exchangeable straight and curved needles. Length: 180 mm Weight: 230 gr


Stator heaters (gas)

Heaters for use with propane gas or natural gas with compressed air. Wide range of sizes for stators from 50 mm bore.


Gripping tongs

For gripping and removing stator and armature coils. Used with Coil Extracting Machines, these are available individually for use on other types of extractor or lifting tackle. They grip the coils positively and safely. The harder they are pulled, the tighter they grip


Rotor lifter

Useful lifting device for large rotors. Designed to balance the rotor by means of a slotted support and adjustable ring. Invaluable for fitting rotors into stators in the horizontal plane. Four lifting tubes of 50, 60, 80 and 100 mm for a maximum shaft diameter of 100mm. Carries weights of up to 1000kg


Stator lifter

Made in three different sizes. Makes handling of stators easy work. Very useful for lifting stators into stator holding rings.


Wire inserting tools (slot closer)

Wire Inserting Tools (Slot Closer) with or without handle, in 10 different tongue widths 3 - 12mm, for the insertion of wires into the slots of stators or rotors. Made of drop-forged steel for long life.


Armature growler

This armature is of the external metre type for locating shorts, open circuits and grounds in armatures. 12-200 mm diameter. For connection to 220/250 volt 50/60hz power supply.


Armature growler

Single-phase power supply, rated voltage 220V, 50 Hz. It test the AC and DC rotor. The dimensions are 22 x 18 x 18H cm Base opening size of V are: Bottom: 30mm Top: 100mm Width of V: 60mm Weight kg 7.5

The 5.WWD-M10

Wire welder

is a small sturdy machine which is manually operated and can be used on either a work bench or a mobile trolley. (Trolley can be supplied.) Light hand pressure on the operating lever will, using the multiple upset technique, complete the weld in seconds. The machine uses an industry standard die and has the capacity to weld most non-ferrous metals within the range 0.10 - 0.60mm. With its uncomplicated design, the M10 is both simple to use and very tough. Also, due to the few component parts used, it is extremely reliable and low on maintenance.

The 5.WWD-M25<

The 5.WWD-M25

is a compact, sturdy machine with the capacity to permanently weld most non-ferrous metals in wire or strip form, within the range 0.25 - 1.20mm. The HAND-HELD 5.WWD-M25 is simply activated by finger pressure on the operating handle and, using the multiple upset method, will complete the weld in seconds. The M25 uses industry standard dies and it is supplied in its own storage case with space provided for a number of dies.

The 5.WWD-M30

The 5.WWD-M30

The 5.WWD-M30 can be used mounted on either a work bench or a mobile trolley. (Trolley can be supplied.) Operation is manual and achieved by light pressure on the operating lever which, using the multiple upset technique, will complete the weld in seconds. This machine uses an industry standard die and has a capacity to weld most non-ferrous metals in wire or strip form, from 0.30 - 1.80mm. The 5.WWD-M30 is both strong and simple to use and, due to the few component parts used, extremely reliable and maintenance free.


Air chisel

Pneumatic air chisel, ideal for cutting off heads of burnt-out stator and armature coils. Supplied in steel carrying-case complete with a set of chisel bits. Chisel bits plug into a chuck and are exchanged in a couple of seconds. Must be used in conjunction with air filer and lubricator unit. Additional types of chisel for bolt cutting, scraping etc. are available.


Air chisel

This Pneumatic Chisel Hammer Kit is great for breaking tiles and plaster, breaking through walls, and cutting pipes and metal plate.
- High-quality, cold-insulating, robust polyamide housing
- Kit includes a range of high-quality accessories
- Ergonomic design and low weight ensure an extremely comfortable grip
- Exhaust air is guided through the handle
- Outstanding handling, also suitable for left-handers


Hand operated armature winder

Screws onto a bench with 2 screws. Easy to use. Handle can be reversed for a left-handed operator


Handy winder

Typical applications include winding a small quantity of coils for fans, grinders, solenoids, fractional H.P. motors, automobile starters, generators and armatures used by schools and industry. Perfect for making prototype coils.


Rotor stands

These robust stands are a necessity for safe and easy manipulation of heavy rotors. Supplied as a pair, one stand is of fixed height and the other is adjustable, to allow for different bearing journal diameters.