-Programs For The Routing And Simulation of Printed Circuit Boards: CAD / CAE


-Light Boxes
-UV Exposure Units
-Etching Machines
-Roller Tinning Machine
-Dry Film Sheet Laminators
-Machine For Drilling and Isolation Routing
-General Purpose Ovens
-Machine For Water Treatment
-Through-hole-Planting Line
-PCB Laminates

Test / Inspection

-Control and Analysis Systems of Electronic Boards
-Optical Inspection


-Short-circuit Revelator on Printed circuits
-Diagnostic Systems for Failure Faults

Printend Circuits Catalog

Wide range of equipment for PCB etching and PCB production.
The process of applying a copper sheet onto the non-conductive substrate in order to protect the PCB and create conductive pathways or tracks between the electronic components, PCB products include photo.
Etch copper clad boards, prototyping boards for the etching of prototype PCBs, etching accessories such as etch resist pens, lightboxes, stripboard cutters, ferric chloride solution, etching tanks and spray processing tanks.